Normativa Electoral, permisos laborales

Electoral Regulations Related to Work Permits

Have you been designated a member of a polling station in the next elections? We clarify the applicable electoral regulations.




A) Permission for having been appointed president or member of a polling station.


– If for the worker on Sunday, April 28, it is workable (because Sunday is part of his working day), the company has to grant him a paid leave, after notice and justification of the worker.


– Whether or not they work on Sunday, workers who are presidents or members are entitled to a reduction of five hours in the day of Monday, April 29. – If the worker has a night shift and works Saturday night through Sunday, the shift that begins on Saturday is considered the working day of the election day, so it would not work that night.


– In addition, if the elected worker or president works the night before the election day and requests change of turn, it is obligatory to grant it.


– On the other hand, if the employee has to work on the night shift immediately after the election day, he has the right to have his first five hours reduced.


B) Permission for having been appointed auditor or attorney-in-fact


– The worker who has been appointed financial controller has the same permits as the president and the members. As for the agent, he only has the right to paid leave corresponding to the day of the elections.


C) Permission for having been appointed substitute of a polling station


– The designated substitute worker has the obligation to appear at the polling station at 8 o’clock in the morning, for which his company must give him the corresponding paid permission if that Sunday he works. If a holder fails and must replace him, the worker will then have the right to the corresponding permits. If, on the other hand, your presence is not necessary, you can go to work normally after that time. As an orientation, we must bear in mind that the table should be formed at 8.30 in the morning, so that the worker, at that time, will know if he should replace the absent person or can go to his work.


D) Permit of every worker to go to vote


– The permit will be paid by the company. The worker has to notify the company that he will use this permit. At the time of the vote the worker will ask for a receipt at the polling station and will have to give it to the company to prove that he has actually gone to vote.


– The leave time will depend on the number of hours worked and the coincidence of the work schedule with the opening of the Electoral Colleges, according to the following assumptions: – Workers whose work schedule does not coincide with the opening hours of the polling stations ( From 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) or whose working day is less than 2 hours: They will not be entitled to paid leave since the working day does not prevent them from going to vote.


– Workers whose schedule coincides in 2 or more hours and it is less than 4 hours: They will be entitled to a paid leave of 2 hours.


– Workers whose schedule coincides between 4 and 6 hours with that of the polling stations: They will have paid leave of 3 hours. – Workers whose schedule coincides in 6 or more hours with that of the polling stations: They will be entitled to a paid leave of 4 hours.


(Applicable basic regulation: LOREG, Art. 28).