2019 Tax Obligations

The small and medium-sized Spanish company faces a fiscal closure in which we have to present different models before the competent authorities.

The new year, accounting and tax, is opened with Corporation Tax or income tax withholdings sharing the scenario with the quarterly VAT declaration, although they will not be the only ones. Next, we review all:

Model 303: is the quarterly VAT settlement. This tax is presented four times a year, in the periods between January and April, April and June, July and September and October and December

Model 349: Corresponds to the Declaration of Intra-Community Operations model. From PHC Software, developer of business management solutions, they explain that they must be presented by companies that carry out commercial activity in any of the member countries of the European Union.

Model 390: it is the annual summary of the declarations corresponding to VAT of the commercial activity of the company throughout the fiscal year. It is presented with the closing of the fiscal year during the first month after the last fiscal closure.

Model 111: also of an informative nature, it is the model that companies must present quarterly and in which the income tax withholdings applied to their workers are declared.

Model 190: the organizations must present to declare the withholdings applied to the payroll of their employees and other professionals hired. This, unlike model 111, is annual.

Model 180: is a summary of the information provided in the model 115 throughout the year. It is also annual and must be presented in the month of January.

Model 200: settlement that is applied in the presentation of the Corporation Tax, and must be declared annually. This tax is applied to all companies, legal entities, legal entities, investment funds or risk capital among others.

Model 202: is necessary if the company wishes to split the payment of the Corporation Tax. A payment on account, an advance.

Source: Cinco Días 29.01.19.